✨ Chill Mary strives to enhance your daily wellness, prioritize mental health and encourage sustainable self-care by providing natural, lab tested CBD products curated through the lens of a young millennial ✨



Chill Mary was founded by me, a recent university graduate, who found myself dealing with ongoing anxiety and panic attacks. My company was born when I noticed a lack of aesthetically pleasing CBD products that I and my friends could reach for on the go. I believe in clean, sustainable design and hope to expand the view of CBD products by bringing a fresh look to this amazing ingredient

True to Chill Mary, our skincare experience is plant-based and formulated to be simplistic, but effective. Our hand-infused beauty products are curated with quality non-toxic, sustainable and vegan ingredients. It’s beauty with the magic of CBD!


Chill Mary is inspired by my busy lifestyle as a young, black professional because I believe that we all should strive for mind + body wellness, wherever you are in your journey. I hope you'll be excited to use Chill Mary on the go, in your nightly routine or while you're winding down from your daily stresses. 


Life's hard. Chill harder.  #ChillMary

Love Chill Mary? Love our Planet. 

Chill Mary isn't possible without rich, fertile soil. Inspired by our love for the planet and humans around the world, every year a portion of our profit will go to protecting environmental wellness. Find out more about how we contribute to a cleaner planet here.